Note from the Board: Jim Weisert

Note from the Board: Jim Weisert

It’s with gratitude that we can write you every month and celebrate all that is going on through the ministry of Unite 4 Africa. You can see as you read each of the accompanying articles from our Staff in Africa, that your prayers and donations are making a huge impact in transforming lives for Christ every week. So we want to thank you again for your partnership. May God richly bless everything you put your hand to in His name. Amen.

If you are looking for a life changing experience, please reach out to Okongo or myself via email (, so we can talk about you and your family joining us on one of our upcoming mission trips to Africa. It will open your hearts and minds to an entirely vibrant and wonderful cultural experience, but more than that, you and your family will grow stronger in your faith while sharing your faith with others half way around the world. Send us and email even if you can’t join us in 2019, so we can get you signed up for a trip in 2020.

Thanks again for all your prayers and donations. Please keep them coming, you are in a powerful position to help someone and maybe even thousands of names be added to the Book of Life. And because of your prayers and generous giving, there will be people in Heaven that will one day walk up to you and give you thanks for being faithful to God’s calling to take His word to the ends of the Earth.

May our Great and Awesome God richly bless you.

In His service together,

Jim Weisert
Board Chairman
Unite 4 Africa

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