Community Transformation

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Transforming Communities through:

Discipleship & mentoring

Sharing Christ with the unreached through evangelism and discipleship is at the heart of everything we do. We train church leaders to do effective outreach and discipleship through oral communication methods, particularly to non-literates. Our most important mission is to provide for spiritual needs by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We accomplish this by demonstrating God’s love through community transformation projects, biblically-based teachings, providing training and materials for effective evangelism, and supporting and partnering with local ministries, churches and organizations engaged to see wholistic transformation, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Prayer movement and networking

We are mobilizing prayer warriors network around the world to have a corporate prayer to bring change to what is happening in Africa and the rest of the world.

Expanding the Body of Christ

Equipping/training and Sending Church Planters, U4A strongly believes that by supporting national workers we can achieve the goal of spreading the good news of the gospel to the unreached people groups.

Focusing on national workers eliminates the need of cross-cultural training, reduces financial and logistic expenses at all levels. It also builds trust, self-reliance, and integration of God's people in the building of the Kingdom of God.

The targeted people will not assume that Christian faith is something imported from foreign people outside their reach. It will minimize the barriers for Christ to touch people’s hearts that are open to receive Him.

With thorough understanding of these facts, U4A strives to work along equipping and sending church planters and transforming communities with different humanitarian projects as per the need of each communities and individuals.

Advocating peace and reconciliation around the world and particularly in Africa

Africa is divided among ethnic/tribal lines in most aspects of life, resulting in hatred and even unnecessary violence which affect many innocent lives and national development. We meet with different level of leadership as we advocate for them to become peacemakers Through Community Projects.

U4A is addressing the need to bring healing, reconciliation, and unity as we see leaders and communities work together with understanding. We have seen how a Water well being shared between communities can bridge the gap.

When we enter a village to begin a transformation project, we first address the critical need such as food for starving children, emergency medical needs, etc.  We consider this short term relief as we work with the village leaders to transform their community and become independent and self sufficient.  When U4A asks for help for addressing critical relief, we want everyone to understand that the relief is short term in nature providing a necessary under girding until community development can begin.


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