Clean Water Projects

Clean Water Project

Throughout Africa, water is a precious resource that is either not available or unsafe for consumption. Where water is available, it is shared by the animals of the region, who then contaminate it with various diseases.

In many villages across the Africa, the women and children walk for miles to fetch water in heavy buckets in order to provide for their families. Much of their days are spent in search of water which robs them of productivity and income, perpetuating poverty.  At times, the water they are able to bring back after hours of grueling travel by foot is tainted, making their children sick.

During the dry seasons, water supplies are inadequate or non-existent altogether, so that the people of these regions, along with their animals and crops, simply go thirsty. Water is so essential for all human and animal life. We grieve to see so many struggling with little to no water to drink. Unite 4 Africa is working alongside the local people in various villages and regions across Africa to help solve this pervasive problem and provide clean water through drilling wells and rain water catchments.

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