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Support of Orphans & Vulnerable Children

needychildrenOrphaned, homeless, and vulnerable children are one of the greatest devastations facing African nations presently. Desperation has become a driving force for them, where they live one day to the next in the hope of merely surviving.

In this desperation, they make sacrifices and compromises in order to simply eat a meal or have a place to sleep for the night, trading in their innocence and virtue as children to simply fill their bellies.

As a direct result of AIDS, the population of sub-saharan Africa is now in decline. Parents are dying, leaving their children to fend for themselves on the streets or as indentured servants to other relatives.

ChildrenUnite 4 Africa is working in villages and communities to provides orphans with homes and families with whom they will live and grow. U4A meets with local leaders, and through prayer and wisdom, demonstrates the value of caring for the orphans of the community themselves, placing them with families within the community.

U4A sees great value in keeping the orphans within their own communities, as accountability is increased within the community itself, and the precious children are redeemed from deplorable situations into the safety of a family unit, creating a nurturing environment where they will receive a healthy diet, medication where that is needed, and a strong education.

Unite 4 Africa focuses on a two-fold strategy of addressing the immediate needs for relief while ensuring the long-term, independent sustainability of care. When care is provided to an orphan, it must begin with the immediate needs for relief, by getting the children off the streets, placing them within families, assessing the dietary and health needs of the child, as well as educational needs, such as school uniform, books, or shoes. Mosquito nets and medications are provided where they are needed as well. This comes in the form of monthly financial support for a set time period, though that is flexible depending on circumstances.

GoatGoatKeeping with the model of empowerment, the orphans will receive a gift of a goat, chicken, sheep, pig, or cow for the orphan. The orphan is taught how to properly care for his animal, raising it up to produce milk or eggs, and then reproducing. These things can be contributions to the family that is taking care of them, or can be sold in markets for profit. This provides an orphan who formerly had nothing at all to claim as his own a great sense of self-worth, confidence, and empowerment to be a strong contributor to the general health of a community.

ChildrenThe goal of this project is to allow the orphan to provide for his own support through the profit that comes from the production and reproduction of the animals.

U4A is currently caring for children ranging in age from 3 to 17 years old. We are praying for supporters to come alongside of us to empower the children and enable families to raise up these children to be strong men and women of God. We believe that God intended each child to have a father and mother figure, and for that reason strongly believe that orphans needs families, not institutions.

In return, U4A working with the host families commit to communicating regularly with you as the sponsor through e-newsletters throughout the year to inform you of various events at the Orphans Homes and news about the orphans and their sponsor

For less than 85 cents a day you can sponsor a child in the villages were are ministering at in Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia or Sudan.

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