Unite 4 Africa's Mission

Unite 4 Africa unites, equips, mobilizes individuals and organizations to transform their communities spiritually, socially, physically, and economically. We want to see grass roots movements sweeping across Africa, transforming communities, and bringing abundant life in Christ.

  • Integration

    Spiritual and Physical needs are addressed together, so the Gospel become real, clear, relevant and compelling to the whole body.

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  • Participation

    A community’s potential is mobilized through participatory learning methods, which help to build capacity and inspire cooperative action within the community as they address their needs.

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  • Ownership

    Each community identifies its own need and controls its own program to solve that need. CHE is not done for them, but with them. Local ownership enhances dignity and ensures lasting results.

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  • Multiplication

    Knowledge, skills and technologies that are learned and implemented through CHE are transferable, so they can spread to other communities through local initiatives.

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  • Sustainability

    Trained local volunteers serve as leaders, organizers and educators within their own community. They facilitate community transformation projects such as Clean Water, Health Education, Micro-Business Enterprises and Orphans/Vulnerable children support. Locally run projects allow individuals, families and entire communities to experience healthiness to the fullest.

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