Abducted but Not Forsaken by Okongo Samson

A riveting story of hope and forgiveness
that may very well change your life.

While on a mission trip, sixteen-year-old Okongo Samson was abducted by a terrorist militia that ravaged northern Uganda for decades. One of thousands of children kidnapped by these men, he was brutalized for weeks. A God-directed, miraculous turn of events resulted in his narrow escape, eventually leading to Okongo preaching the Gospel in several countries closed to evangelism.  For the “crime” of sharing Christ he was imprisoned 15 times and suffered unfathomable torture.  By God’s grace and healing, years later, Okongo returned to some of those prisons and confronted his captors with love and forgiveness.
Through it all God had an expansive plan that He was unfolding that now touches tens of thousands of lives with hope across Africa and beyond through Unite4Africa.  Abducted But Not Forsaken is the story of how God can redeem every experience, every life for His greater purpose.  Including yours.

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