What We Do

Community Transformation

Sharing Christ with the unreached through evangelism and discipleship is at the heart of everything we do. We train church leaders to do effective outreach and discipleship through training programs including Disciple Making Movement (DMM), Oral Storytelling methods focused on non-literates and Discovery Bible Studies.

Orphans Support

Orphaned, homeless, and vulnerable children are one of the greatest devastations facing some African communities at this present time. Desperation has become a driving force for these children, where they live one day to the next in the hope of merely surviving. In this desperation, they make sacrifices and compromises in order to simply eat a meal or have a place to sleep for the night, trading in their innocence and virtue as children to simply fill their bellies.

Medical & Mobile Clinic

The least developed countries in the world suffer at the most basic of all levels. The people of these regions, particularly in the villages, are exposed to the harshest of conditions. There is inadequate and often no drinking water available anywhere near their villages. Malnutrition leads to compromised immunity to disease. And poor hygiene habits lead to a number of devastating diseases.

HIV/AIDS Prevention

The HIV/AIDS epidemic challenges us to respond with the uncompromising truth and unconditional love of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is heartbreaking to see the devastation that this killer has left in its wake, with children being orphaned every minute of every day.

Clean Water Projects

Throughout Africa, water is a precious resource that is either not available or unsafe for consumption. Where water is available, it is shared by the animals of the region, who then contaminate it with various diseases.

Sanitary Pads

We believe in education for girls. Menstruation should not stop that. When the girls of a community are educated the cycle of poverty in a community begins to loosen its grip.

Leadership Development & Training

Unite 4 Africa offers different levels of training, seminars and workshops for local leaders and church leaders of various backgrounds to teach them how to develop positive, culturally relevant approaches to:

Empowering Economically

Economic empowerment is central to assisting families within the community to earn life-giving, sustainable income. Families around the world are more vulnerable today than ever before. Poverty subjects families to overwhelming challanges, especially widows who often take in more orphans and consequently struggle to make ends meet. Their children are often forced to drop out of school to help support the family.

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