Kenya Update-July 2019

Kenya Update-July 2019


The issue surrounding the health and hygiene of the local girls in schools is something that is a concern to many who care and want the local girls to have equal opportunity in education with the boys. Many girls in Maasai land miss classes every month because their parent do not understand or are not able to buy them sanitary towels. Unite 4 Africa has in many occasions supported this sanitary initiative to support Maasai girls continue with education without interference or being shameful and uphold the dignity of a girl. It is with this that we partnered with Engaboli Primary to support the girls in this School with sanitary towels to keep them for few months.

Fig. 1 & 2 Girls at Engaboli Primary school receiving sanitary towels


There has been a tendency in the Maasai community for men to think that going to Church is for women and children. This has had an effect when evangelizing to reach men is hard because of that perception. This is slowly changing as the few men we have in our churches are waking up with a call to reach other men for Christ in our community. In the month of June Rev. Moses Rianto together with other pastors held meetings with over fifty men with aim of reaching out to men in our communities. Please pray for these men.

Fig. 3 & 4 Part of the Men attending the meeting at Zion Baptist Church


Kajiado County in Kenya is one of the counties with high levels of illiteracy. The government, Churches and many Organizations have been trying to find ways to help in Adult literacy. We have had one success at Zion Baptist and this time round with help and support of Challenge Aid Kenya and the county Government of Kajiado; we launched a new Adult class at Kurket. As a way of empowering women. A health and hygiene and entrepreneurship training is also done.

Fig. 5, 6, 7 & 8 participant at Kurket Adult class opening, led by Challenge Aid Kenya


Feeding at the local Schools is something that is needed but many schools do not have the capacity to provide for their pupils. It is true that feeding program has helped keep many students at school and encouraged many to join school, so they can get a meal. Unite 4 Africa has been involved in several schools feeding and we have seen many children join school and many improve in their grades as they can concentrate in their learning. We had opportunity to help Engaboli with a few sacs of maize and beans

Fig. 9, 10 Sacks of maize and beans for Engaboli Primary school


  • Pray for the rains and the many needy families
  • Pray for our Tree Churches for God to provide a good shelter to worship in.
  • Please continue praying for House of Hope as they seek the expansion of the clinic and Orphan support
  • Pray for Dr. David travels as he travels this month to the US.

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      July 12, 2019 at 12:05 am Reply

      what God can do no man can do
      luke 18:27

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