Kenya Update-January 2019

Kenya Update-January 2019

House of Hope

We thank God for the year 2018. At house of hope we have covered 17 yrs. We have faced many challenges and God has helped us also fulfill our objectives of helping orphans and widows.

We also have trained bundles of pastors and church leaders. We also have done bridges and also for the neighbours.

Our choir did an amazing video shooting and we are looking for forward for the launching soon.

We have empowered many orphans with schools fee for their education, goats, mentorship and discipleship and Bible discussion and even this month will have 6th edition of teen’s conference for a week

We need to complete building the medical center and school and we also need a school bus.

Please pray with us.

Fig. 1,2 Orphans at House of Hope

Fig. 3 cows for milk help for House of Hope

Fig. 4,5 House of Hope Choir – a source of inspiration to young people

Teens Conference 2018

Our Teens conference at House of Hope went well with a record two hundred attended. This s an empowering moment we have annually for the HoH and the community surrounding us. Please pray for the many Orphans who are young and need a lot of support in this community. House of Hope has been a source of encouragement to them but with little support.

Fig. 6,7,8 Teens Conference 2018

Dresses for Girls

In the month of December, Rev Charles shared the love of Christ in the communities in the western part of Kenya. Needy girls in the communities of Misori and Osieko had something to smile about during the Christmas celebrations with their new dresses donated by Dress A Girl Around the World through Unite 4 Africa. Inc.

Fig.9, 10, 11. Young Girls from Misori receive new dresses on December 21, 2018

Rain Water Harvesting – Dam Construction

Many parts of Maasai land experience lack of adequate water for their animals and people. It is due to this need that we partnered with a Korean NGO, “I Love Africa” to construct dams that with help harvest the rainwater. The dam/reservoir will be recharged during rainy period and the stored water can be used during the dry season. Using a generator to pump water from the dam to an elevated tank will help have clean water and securing the dam by fencing it with chain-link wire.  Last December the president of I love Africa visited us and see the construction of a new dam near Mailtisa.

Fig. 12, 13, 14 Madam Lee, president of I LOVE AFRICA visiting the dam and meeting the community

Fig. 15, 16, 17 Construction of concrete water trough and generator pump house where the elevated tank will be put on top

Prayer Needs

  • Church Structures for new churches under trees
  • House of Hope Centre, Children program, sponsorship, school fee for 2019 and Health issues
  • House of Hope 2019 Chapel training missions and its expansion
  • Pray for grass root leaders need for motorbikes to reach new churches


Moses Rianto,
Mission Outreach Director

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    • David T

      January 25, 2019 at 9:06 am Reply

      Keep up the great work! Praying for all these things!

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