Note from the Board-January 2019

Note from the Board-January 2019

Note from the Board – Ken Martin

Looking back on 2018 we can’t help but be inspired by what was accomplished by those who toil within our organization, grateful for the many who find it in their hearts to help in whatever capacity they do, and hopeful for what our Heavenly Father may provide for Unite 4 Africa to empower our staff in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Ghana as they serve the continent of Africa.

The effect of all who were involved with Unite 4 Africa, in any way, from what they may think to be minutiae, to the extensive, was to help over 7,000 find their way to Christ, provide 325 training outreaches to communities about Community Health Evangelism, Orphan Training and Scripture in Use, and to raise funds to do what we do to empower individuals and their communities spiritually, socially, physically and economically.

We are hopeful that the coming year will be another in which God moves mightily changes hearts and that our efforts align well with his will.  We pray for safe travel for our men and women on the ground and for those who travel from foreign lands to Africa. For all, we pray for health, peace, strength and wisdom.  Happy New Year.


Ken Martin,
Board Treasure
Unite 4 Africa

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