Kenya Update-February 2019

Kenya Update-February 2019

Medical Camp – Mailtisa Dispensary

We thank the good Lord once again as Mailtisa community, for the partnership of Dr. Khan of Taiba Medical Centre, Nairobi for agreeing to do minor surgery for Tumor’s. This, we have found it disturbing that a lot of people are suffering with tumor’s in silence. Unite 4 Africa has been part of this medical camp when we started last year 2018. We thank God for the opportunity and a chance to be part of bringing peace to the locals here through treatment that would have cost a lot of money in big hospitals.


Fig. 1, 2 Minor Surgery to remove tumors at Mailtisa Dispensary – Free Medical Camp

Fig. 3 Child with Cleft lip, which was reconstructed through surgery at the local hospital

Dam for Rain Water Harvesting – Nooretet Dam

In partnership with an NGO called “I LOVE AFRICA”, we were able to construct a 3rd dam for Nooretet community. Madam Lee from South Korea, who president of I love Africa, has a passion to help the poor communities to have a clean water. This year, together with her friends, donated a dam for Nooretet, where they can collect water when it rains.

Fig. 4, 5 Madam Lee and County Government of Kajiado minister for Agriculture, lead the opening of Nooretet Dam.


Fig. 6, 7 Both people and animals can now drink clean water from the Dam, piped to the Tank, then use taps to control usage of water

Oloshaiki School – Class Room

Oloshaiki School and the whole community are grateful for Rev. Okongo and his wife Shyla for supporting to put up a local class for the young children in this school who were learning under a tree because they were so many and the church could not accommodate them all. This school requires prayers so God can open ways for them to build good classes enough for the children in this community.

Fig. 8, 9 Oloshaiki classroom and the children parading outside their class

Inner Wears for Girls and Sports Equipment and Mentorship

In partnership with Indima, a local group here and registered in the US, Mrs. Jane helped bring a mentorship for schools in partnership with schools in the US. Two big schools benefited with the donation of Inner wears for girls and soccer balls, volley ball and rugby.

Fig. 10, 11, 12 Mrs. Jane giving inner wears for girls and balls to Enoosamburrmburr primary school

Prayer Needs

• Church Structures for new churches under trees
• House of Hope Centre, Children program, sponsorship, school fee for 2019 and Health issues
• House of Hope 2019 Chapel training missions and its expansion
• Pray for grass root leaders need for motorbikes to reach new churches
• Pray the rains. Many people are now moving with their animals in search o green pasture
• Pray for Oloshaiki School to get good permanent classrooms

Moses Rianto
Mission Outreach Director

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