Ethiopia Update – September 2019


Ethiopia Update – September 2019

1. September: the beginning of new school year

September is a special month for our students. It is the beginning of the new school year. You can see the feeling of great expectation, enthusiasm and joy on the faces of our students. They can’t wait to see each other after a long school break. They have spent their summer time by working in the farm field, helping their parents (Most of them don’t have but they consider their care-givers as parents), guardians, care takers and the community. Majority of our orphans spent their time in the bush, looking after their goats, cows and sheep. They also spent their time in their local churches by participating in various activities that our local churches organized such as prayer, cleaning their school compound, attending tutorial classes and planting trees. Non of our orphans went to vacation; there is no such kinds of thing in our villages. But, they are happy and content.

Now, it is time to go back to school with great vision to change their future. But for most of them the beginning of the school year is very challenging. It requires them lots of expenses like buying school uniforms (most of them they use 1 school uniform for 3 – 4 years). If it does not fit for them or worn-out they give out(donate) to the youngest orphans in the community and the seniors have to buy the new one. Getting school supplies is also another challenge in this school month. With all those limitations and challenges; they don’t complain, they are thankful and put their trust on to the Lord for provision and their future. They know that those challenges are temporary and they are pursuing and moving forward through the challenges. They know that their future will be completely different & bigger than their current conditions because they know that God has purpose and plan in their lives.

As Unite 4 Africa team – we have prepared ourselves for this we call it “The September challenge” as much as we can to address those needs of our orphans by mobilizing local resources. Even though the needs are huge and can’t meet fully; but our local leaders have purchased school uniforms, school supplies, text books. They have also completed the work of repairing the broken desks, chairs and tables, doors and windows of the school to welcome their students. We never stop doing the good work of the kingdom to transform our communities for the glory of God. This is our call, mission & mandate from our Lord Jesus which is to go to places where Jesus’s communities do not yet exist, serving them in culturally relevant ways, putting love in action and doing it to reach people with the good news of Jesus.

Our Orphans & their care takers – waiting for receiving support of school supplies.

2. Youth Empowerment: Chicken farm business in Adama/Nazareth/

Solomon is one of our young active entrepreneurs in Adama/Nazareth/. After he received some vocational, skill and entrepreneur training 4 years ago, he started a chicken farm business in the town called Awash-melkasa a small town close to Adama/ Nazareth/. Since, he did not have sufficient finance and place; he started the chicken farm with his friend as shareholder.

But, now he started his own chicken farm in the town Adama/ Nazareth/ by renting a compound. According to Solomon there is a great need of chicken in Adama/Nazareth/ and its surroundings and he started this business. He also added that ‘I know chicken farm is a high risk business but it is profitable and I am doing the follow up every day and I am mastering this business’. Currently, he has more than 2,000 chicken and ready to supply the the Hotels in Adama/Nazareth.

His vision is to train more young people and help them to get involved in this business so that they will be able to support themselves and their families and contribute to reduce the un-employment rate in the country at large. Youth unemployment rate in Ethiopia is between 50 – 60%. Unite4Africa, Ethiopia is planning to organize the training event for our youths.

Solomon’s Chicken Business in Nazareth/ Adama/

3. Our ministry of Ethiopian Diaspora – USA

Few years ago God has given us a vision to reach out, mobilize and empower the Ethiopia Diaspora in USA. The Ethiopian diaspora in USA are facing so many challenges in. As a result of this they are struggling for survival and few of them adapt the culture and system. It is estimated that there are hundred-thousands Ethiopian diaspora live in Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia areas only. But, their influence is almost zero in every aspect of their lives.
We have sent Pastor, Dr, Bezalem Fisseha and Pastor Solomon Adefris with the theme mission of “Holistic growth for for holistic transformation”. We want see the Ethiopian Diaspora to be transformed “from survival & adaptation to flourishing” for the glory of God and equip them to help the kingdom of God in Africa.

So far, we have planted churches in North Carolina, Ralley, Washington, DC, Ohio, Columbus and Seattle. This year we had a very successful annual conference and many of them came from different states and got connected with this vision. After they returned back to their respective locations three home churches has been established in Nashville, Mary land and Virginia. We thank God for that!!!

Ethiopian Diaspora – Conference in Ohio, Columbus, August/ 2019

4. Prayer Requests

We are always grateful to God to all our partners who are standing alongside with us in prayers and support. We will continue keeping you updated our work and our prayer requests.

Here under are some lists of our prayer requests:

  • Thank God for the all our schools in various villages towns. God has been helping us so far to teach thousands of orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Pray about supporting the orphans who are in need of getting all the necessary school supplies in this September.
  • Pray for our youth that may God would enable us to organize many more skill trainings to transform their lives.
  • Pray for the mission we have started the ministry of Ethiopian diaspora and may may God revive and use them to contribute for the kingdom work all over the world.

Samson Weldemariam/Pst/
Vice – president of U4A and Ethiopia Director

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