Note from the Board: Ken Martin


Note from the Board: Ken Martin

Dear Friends,

With thankful hearts Unite 4 Africa is blessed to serve where people need someone to stand beside them and lift them up physically, socially, spiritually and economically. We are thankful to be able to help in ways that do not create dependency, but instead, empower and bolster and renew. Without the help of those who are indigenous, helping their countrymen, those who pray, and those who give out of their finances, it would not be possible to be a sustainable ministry, and grow God’s Kingdom.

While so much is happening to accomplish more, we humbly recognize all of the efforts extended on our behalf by our loyal and faithful supporters. Your generous giving is truly changing lives and continues to build the foundations that will enable hands, feet and minds to pick up, start up and build up their own lives, the lives of their families and life in their communities.

Much of this starts in the shade of a mango tree in the center of a village where those who are trusted members of communities discuss the problems they face with those they have come to trust from Unite 4 Africa. Issues are hashed out, ideas to overcome are formulated, and the seeds of solutions are planted.

May God continue to bless these plantings and the many who make it possible.

Ken Martin
Unite 4 Africa
Board Treasurer

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