Ethiopia Update-December 2018

Ethiopia Update-December 2018

Life changing Visit with Rev. Okongo & his wife Shyla

God is doing great things through the life and ministry of our leaders. Rev. Okongo has been playing great role in equipping, empower and mentor our leaders here in Africa. One of the means that we are using to equip, empower and mentor our leaders is to visit them at their homes, see their family and having fellowship and quality time with them, sharing their needs & challenges and praying together.

Just few weeks ago Rev. Okongo and his wife Shyla came to us and did exactly the same thing what Rev. Okongo has been doing whenever he comes to us. He ministered to us, trained our leaders on the topic of principles of leadership by giving special emphasis on accountability & communication and visiting our leaders at their homes.

Particularly visiting homes has brought greater impact in the lives of our leaders and their family. It gives us enough time to share the challenges we are passing through with each other and gives the opportunity to get to know each other in a better way as family.

Rev.Okongo and his wife Shyla visited our leaders and their families, have meals together with them and enjoyed our Ethiopian traditional coffee ceremony.  The impact is huge and our leaders were encouraged, got support based on their needs and empowered as well as equipped for the kingdom of God. I take this opportunity to thank Rev. Okongo and his wife Shyla for doing this great job while they were with us few weeks ago.

Home visit – Pastor Tadesse and his family

New School project in Boffa Village

God has enabled us to open another Kindergarten School in the village called Boffa. More than 300 students are learning in our new school in Boffa. Even though we are having various challenges and needs, we have still committed ourselves to continue helping our vulnerable children and orphans in that village.

Since the need of education is high in that village we even have class rooms in the shelter. The children are so exited and they don’t even look at the facility but they focus on their education. We thank God for such a humble beginning and we believe that He is going to expand and grow it to the level where all our facility fits and suitable for the teaching and learning process.

New School project in Boffa Village

Our women empowering ministry is growing and impacting our community

Women have got significant and incredible role in our movement. They are the back bone of our family and communities. God is using them amazingly through prayers and serving the church and their communities in various ways such as being a mother for the motherless. They are also equipping other young women from the church and community to transform many lives through the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ.

Just recently Shyla the wife of Rev. Okongo had a wonderful time with our women here in Adama/Nazareth/, Ethiopia. They had a wonderful fellowship, having a good coffee ceremony, share their burdens & challenges and encourage one another by the word of God and by what God is doing through their lives.

I take this opportunity to thank our dear Sister Shyla the wife of Rev. Okongo for coming and spending such a great time with our beautiful and incredible women.

Prayer & coffee ceremony time with women

Prayer Requests

Here under are our prayer requests to all our partners to pray for:-

  • Pray for our new school project in Boffa village and may God would help us to build good class rooms for our students. We hope to raise $5,000.00 for this need
  • Continue pray for our women may God would enable us to equip them in various training events. These events are incredibly powerful and cost a few $100.00 to host.
  • Continued Prayer for our leadership training & development programs that God would enable and provide us all the necessary resources (approximately $5,000.00 for 2019) so that we may train and develop more leaders in the future.
  • Continued Prayer for our Animal Project may God would bring on more financial partners ($35.00 per goat, $12.00 chickens, $35.00 per sheep, $400.00 per cow, to touch many orphans so they may have a bright future through this small gift.
  • We have started a new project for our local church – planters to provide them Bicycles ($150.00 each) and Motorbikes ($1,200.00 each) if possible, so that it will help them to easier their work as they travel many villages. So, continue praying for us may God would provide us the budget for this new project.


Pastor Samson Weldemariam

Vice President of U4A and Ethiopia Director

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    • Randy Klug

      December 11, 2018 at 1:04 pm Reply

      Our prayers are with you. Thank you for your work for women, children Gods kingdom.

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