Ghana Update-December 2018

Ghana Update-December 2018

“The woman said, “I know that Messiah” (called Christ) “is coming. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.”  Then Jesus declared, “I who speak to you am he. (John 4:25).”


Like a dream, Christmas is here again to remind the entire universe that a Saviour was given to the world to eventually become the final sacrifice that will bring about the needed reconciliation between mankind and God.

Global Leadership Summit

The Ghana Team had the privilege to participate in this year’s Global Leadership Summit. By the grace of God through the Ministry of the International Christian Ministries the local organizers of the Global Leadership Summit in Ghana brought the summit to Tamale.

Team Meeting

The Ghana Team met to brainstorm and plan for the coming year and to see how best the coming year could be approached for success in putting our plans to action.


To all the stakeholders, partners and donors of Unite 4 Africa we say thank you for having faith in our vision and standing with us throughout another year again. As the year comes to an end please consider an end of year or Christmas gift through Unite 4 Africa.

You can contribute in changing an orphan’s life with $25 which will assist Unite 4 Africa to present a gift of a goat to an orphan to help empower him/her for the future.

You can also contribute to the future of a school boy/girl by giving $20 a quarter that will help in the purchase of school supplies for children in two Christian basic schools. Further assistance could be in the area of educational materials for the students.

A donation of $4000 will greatly assist the two Christian schools to improve on their classroom situation as the construction of classrooms is urgently needed.

There is also an opportunity to empower missionaries on the field with a tricycle that can serve as a means of transport through which a regular income come be received to support missionaries in the field to do the work of the kingdom.


Prayer Needs

Remember to lift up these prayer needs before the Lord. Pray for:

  • The upcoming Women Cycle of Life Training in Northern Ghana.
  • Pray for peace of mind for the kids of Moglaa International Model School and open doors to meet their infrastructure challenge.
  • The unsaved to encounter the saving grace of the Lord during the Christmas festivities.


Yours in His Vineyard

Samson Abukari – Country Director, Ghana

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