Note from the Board- November 2018

Note from the Board- November 2018

First off, thank you for your support of Unite 4 Africa and your interest in our progress for the Lord’s sake.  With every dollar given something new and uplifting is born with those we serve prospering, growing and recognizing the source of everything.  God be praised.

What is interesting to me is how under God’s banner villages and their people are transformed and hope restored.  Unite 4 Africa’s work in village life sustains whatever new faith in Christ might be resident and helps lead the people to a place where this new reality takes hold, grows and is shared. It’s as if a net of hope is dropped from heaven embracing and touching each person with a joy that is palatable and a look to the future that gives enhanced vision and confidence.

Yes, this is really true – men and women recognize that with God much more is possible and that investment in others encourages and excites the whole.  U4A in many ways is that net that gives confidence to those bound together culturally or in other manners by giving voice to them in ways they have not known.  The unborn, widowed or abused are just a few of the audiences impacted by the work of U4A.  Christ is in charge of this new reality and life changes as a result.  The look forward is brightened with new definition given to what is possible for their future with God.

For my part, I see God being glorified by our work. I see renewed lives and renewed hope for the future.  I see the beginning of John 17 unity and an end to poverty of the soul.  I see so many ways to join God in the work that He has given us.  My prayer is that you will join us in this work and explore all that God has set before us.  Travel with us.  Give generously to this cause. Meet those who have left their past beliefs behind and given all they have to embrace an eternal transformation.  God [is] with us.

Unite 4 Africa makes a difference that is received with great gratitude and in turn shared with others.  We are clear in our mission and goals.  Join with us!


John Tabor
Board Member

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