Ethiopia Update-November 2018

Ethiopia Update-November 2018

Life changing story of our school project

God is doing tremendous and unbelievable things through our school in wonjishawa impacting many children and the community at large. Nahom G/Egziabeher one of our 9th grade students, passed from grade 8th to 9th with great distinction of 99.05 which, is the top result the whole schools in the region.

However, the sad story of Nahom is he is HIV positive. His father died when he was a small boy and his mother is still struggling with the Virus. The Virus has contracted and has passed on to him when he was in his mother’s womb during pregnancy.

Nahom is a very strong believer and has great love for God, for his Mom and the country. He led his mother to Christ and serving in the Church. He is also helping other students who are in the lower class voluntarily by teaching them in his free time in our school. We thank God for Nahom and I would like all partners and readers of this article to pray for him and for his mother.

Nahom with his test result


God’s Miracle in the life of vulnerable child in Wonjishawa

My wife Addiskidan Derib and I sponsor three kids (2 in Welenchity and 1 in wonjishowa) in support of their schooling fees annually. The average cost for one child is about $50 per month or about $500 a school year which, is Ten months. The stated amount of money covers school fee, school uniforms and food for the children while at school and support efforts when there are no parents.

One of the little girls named Bethlehem my wife and I support, father killed her mother and he is in prison now.  We have started supporting her since she was a six-year-old little girl. Now she has turned 14 and is in grade 7. Our church is taking care of all of her needs with our support efforts.

Just few weeks ago we visited her at her school and my wife asked her about what she was thinking about her father. She said to my wife that she was struggling with her anger & bitterness about him for many years. Even her grand mother did not want her to be called by her father’s name and her grandmother decided to call after her grand father’s name who is the father of her mother. She was registered in our school as Bethlehem SEBOKA (SEBOKA is the name of her grandfather, not her father’s name). So, now Bethlehem said to my wife that even though it is not easy I have forgiven him. This is how God is working miraculously in the lives of children. Amen!!!

Bethlehem & my wife


The impact of Education in our Wonjioshowa school

God is doing tremendous things in our school project by changing the lives of our students and shaping their future. Samrawit Nigussei is one of our 8th grade students in Wonjishowa. She has been our student since she was 4 years’ years old and a live testimony of the impact of our school in the community.

She is very much interested in doing research in our biology laboratory. Her research is on weeds. She is very much concerned about how the weeds affected the farm lands of the farmers particularly on pond weeds. Her teacher is helping her to study the savior of these weeds.

I thank God for how far He has brought our students. For me to see this by itself is a great success and we are thankful because we have seen the fruits of our school project. Our students have got purpose in their life and have got vision for their future. I do believe that their future will bright and they will reach their destiny.

Samrawit in Biology Laboratory room


Prayer request Lists

I will encourage all our prayer partners to continue to pray for us on the following prayer request lists.

  • Continue to pray for our students may God would continue shape their lives for the betterment of their future
  • Thank God for our school in wonjishawa that the owner of the compound has agreed that we can own the land giving to him few amount of money as a deposit and we will pay the remaining in the long term plan.
  • Continue Praying for our leadership training & development programs, that God would enable and provide us all the necessary resources so that we may train and develop more Godly leaders in the future.
  • Continue Pray for our Animal Project may God would touch many orphans so they have got a bright future through this small gift.
  • Thank God for His enablement to build the class room in Wonjishowa
  • We have started a new project for our local church – plans to provide them Bicycles and Motorbikes if possible, so that it will help them to ease their work as they travel to and from many villages. So, continue praying for us may God would provide us the budget for this new project.


Pastor Samson Weldemariam,
Ethiopia Director and Vice President of U4A 

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