Note from the Board: Rob Reilly

Note from the Board: Rob Reilly

Philippians 1:18:  “… Christ is proclaimed; and in this I rejoice.”

There are events in our lives that help shape us and give us perspective. Perhaps the loss of a loved one or facing our own death, events that make all the other trials in our life seem meaningless. Knowing that our sins are forgiven, that we have been saved from the brink of eternal destruction, should fill us with that same perspective.

Writing from prison, Paul had this clarity when he focused on what truly mattered – proclaiming Christ. He rejoiced in Christ being preached and that his life was being used to advance the gospel.

Unite for Africa does a lot of great work. Helping empower communities, partnering with them to bring water and schools. Seeking to place orphans with families, supplying animals to breed to cover the cost for the family to care for the orphans. But the main focus of Unite for Africa is Christ proclaimed. Training pastors and missionaries and equipping them to make disciples in Africa.

When you partner with Unite for Africa, you can rejoice in that, above all else, Christ is proclaimed.

Rob Reilly
Board Member

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