Ethiopia Update-April 2019

Ethiopia Update-April 2019

1. Young Leaders Leadership Development Program

In Ethiopia, according to several trusted sources; out of the total population more than 60% are youth under the age of 35. It is also very similar in the case of Ethiopian churches. So, the church should give priority to train, equip and develop young leaders for its future and the future of the country at large.

By observing this scenario; we have launched a new program called “Young Leaders Leadership Development Program”. This program has started last year and has brought a huge impact in the lives and ministry of our youths and even in our local churches. The first group of 15 youths are participating in this program this year. Basic Biblical leadership principles, personal development and Life skill trainings are part of our training package. We as adult leaders also share our life & ministry journey with them by staying with them and do mentoring formal and informal way. This approach helps them to be more strong in their faith in Christ and their future life and ministry goals.

Young Leaders Leadership Development Program participants in Debrezeit/ Bishoftu/

2. Another Mass baptism event in Awash River

We serve what an Awesome God! Just last week we baptized 445 new believers again. Those people are from Welenchity area only. So far, we baptize totally more than 1,000 people in two locations called Boffa and Doni and the surrounding villages. This is really the sign of how God is transforming our communities through the preaching of the true Gospel, repentance and great salvation. We thank God for all what He has done, what He is doing and what He is yet to do. Thank you friends, and partners for your prayers, support and encouragement. Your prayers, support and encouragements have backed us to continue pressing on to reach out our communities and endure in any hardships and challenges as we advance the kingdom of God in our country and continent Africa at large. God Bless you!!!

Water Baptism Event in River Awash

3. Our school feeding program has brought a huge impact in our orphans’ school life.

We believe that education is very key to make the future bright of our orphans. That’s why we as Unite4Africa team are diligently working on school projects. One of the challenges of our school projects is lack of food for our orphans. This challenge affected our school children to be weak physically and mentally.

But, since last year we have come up with the idea of providing food for our orphans and other vulnerable children. Currently we feed hundreds of children every day in our school. We have mobilized our church members and care takers of the orphans to get involved in this project. The impact is very huge. As a result of this project we have seen our children becoming stronger physically and mentally attentive in their schooling. Above all, their school result has changed significantly. What a beautiful thing to see the children praying and give thanks God for His provision and clean their hands and get fed. We thank God for our local churches and leaders for leading this huge project.

School feeding program in Wonjishowa School

4. Prayer Requests

Here under is some of our prayer requests that we would like to ask all our partners to pray for and thanks giving to God:

  • Pray for our new school project in Boffa village and may God would continue provide funds to build more good class rooms for our students.
  • Continue pray for our women may God would enable us to equip them in various training events.
  • Pray for our new “Youth leadership Development program” that may God would enable and provide us all the necessary resources to train and equip many youths.
  • Continue Pray for our Animal Project may God would touch many orphans so they have got a bright future through this small gift.
  • Continue praying for our school feeding program may God would enable us to feed more orphans, needy and vulnerable children.

Samson Weldemariam/Pst/Vice-president of U4A and Ethiopia Director

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