Ethiopia Update-March 2019

Ethiopia Update-March 2019

1. We Visited and encouraged persecuted churches in Alaba, Ethiopia

A few weeks ago Muslim extremists destroyed 11 churches in Alaba town and the surrounding villages in Ethiopia. The Church buildings and its property including Bibles and other materials were totally destroyed and burnt. We as Unite4Africa team went to the place and encouraged the church leaders and the believers.

We thank God for them because we have seen the strength of their faith in their lives through persecutions and sufferings. We encouraged them by sharing the word of God with them by saying that ‘it is OK to lose property than faith’. We also prayed for them and we have seen the Holy Spirit working in their lives through our prayers. We have observed that they have so many needs and most importantly the need of going there again and gain and train them with biblical truth.

Church damages in Alaba town, Ethiopia

2. Our goats project continues impacting the lives of our orphans.

Our goat project is one of our projects that we use as a tool to empower our orphans in the rural villages. So far we have delivered thousands of goats, sheep and cows to the neediest orphans in various parts of the country. Just recently we have delivered 14 goats to our orphans who resides in two different villages called Donni and Boffa. Our ‘Unite4Africa tram’ from US have delivered the goats to our orphans. We also prayed for them and even for their goats so that may God would multiply it for them.

This project has a great impact in the lives of our orphans. Most of our beneficiaries have become self supported and and self sustained in their lives as a result of this project. They are able to cover the expenses of their school uniform, school supplies and food by selling the reproduced goats. And some of them have bought cows and have transferred to an other level of business.

Unite4Africa team and goats’ beneficiaries

3. We have opened new regional office in Wolayita Sodo town.

We have opened our third regional office in the town called Wolayita Sodo. So far we have regional office in Nazareth/Adama/ and Hawasa. This new office also coordinates more than 27 main hub churches in the southern west region of the country. We do have more than 127 local churches in various towns, villages and communities of the region.

This office will coordinate all our works in the region by working with our local churches very closely. When we do various trainings and other projects; this office will facilitate all those activities. We have appointed Pastor Chachi Eshetu to coordinate this office as coordinator. Pastor Wondesn from Arbaminch will help him as an assistance.

Our new regional office in Wolayita Sodo

4. Prayer Requests

Here under is some of our prayer requests that we would like to ask all our partners to pray for and thanks giving to God:

  • Pray for our persecuted churches may God would strengthen them in their faith in Christ and also pray for us that may God provide us the necessary recourses to go there and train them with Biblical truths.
  • Pray for our new school project in Boffa village and may God would help us to build good class rooms for our students.
  • Continue pray for our women may God would enable us to equip them in various training events.
  • Pray for our new “Youth leadership Development program” that may God would enable and provide us all the necessary resources to train and equip many youths.
  • Continue Pray for our Animal Project may God would touch many orphans so they have got a bright future through this small gift.
  • We have started a new project for our local church – planters to provide them Bicycles and Motorbikes if possible, so that it will help them to easier their work as they travel many villages. So, continue praying for us may God would provide us the budget for this new project.

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