Note from the Board: John Tabor

Note from the Board: John Tabor

Having recently retired from Hands of Hope Tucson, a Christian pregnancy center for mostly unplanned pregnancies, I have had many hours and days to consider and reconsider God’s call on my heart going forward. I’ve discovered in the process that while I may have retired from my employment, my heart hasn’t. I continue to pray earnestly for those I have met who need my prayer as well as those who will need them. I still care and the Holy Spirit continues to prompt action for which I am certain the evil one is against.

I will never, ever quit loving the ministry God gave me at Hands of Hope and the privilege of helping a few others. Very high on my list is Unite 4 Africa which seeks to take the Gospel village by village to Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and throughout the continent of Africa. Reconciliation with the Lord is Unite 4 Africa’s primary focus and oh boy, has God blessed that effort and blessed me in the process.

This ‘time off’ has proven to me that my time, prayer, consideration and work all along has been what God has called me to do. Until I got involved in these ministries, I couldn’t really say that. Acting on God’s desires has made all the difference.

I am indeed a privileged man, blessed and loved. God’s placement in His work has made my life worthwhile beyond measure. So, take time off. Put on His shoes of armour. Rest and listen. Then, get involved where He is working and follow Him into the lives of others. Unite 4 Africa is a great place to start. Thank you Lord.

John Tabor
Unite 4 Africa
Board Member

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