Kenya Update-March 2019

Kenya Update-March 2019


We thank the Lord for the opportunity that House of Hope was able to bring together all the community Health workers for training at the House of Hope Clinic. Doctor David has been taking the leadership on health matters at the surrounding communities and many have been encouraged by what is happening at House of Hope. Please pray that this clinic will continue to bring hope to many and be a light for Christ.

Fig.1 Health workers training at House of Hope


Mailitisa dispensary has been struggling to cope with huge numbers that turning for treatment after the medical surgeries to remove minor tumors. This dispensary has not been receiving any funding from the government and was depending on well wishers and community support. Enkokidong’oi foundation was touched by what we are doing and came to give some tittle support that will help us buy clean water for the dispensary. Through Mr. Samson Mwanana, Mr. Perr from Sweden came with an envelope to support the dispensary. He also donated books to be used by Zion Nursery School.

Fig. 2 & 3 Mr. Perr from Sweden donating for Mailitisa Dispensary and Zion Nursery


During this month were blessed to have opportunity to share with Orphans in our communities at Maili Tisa and House of Hope. There huge numbers of Orphans in our communities who have nothing they call their own. Giving a goat will empower an Orphan with an animal to take care and as it multiplies it will be a source of income. Through Unite 4 Africa many Orphans lives have changed as they went through school with the empowerment of one goat.

Fig. 4 & 5 Tina and Joe Atkinson giving a goat at Oloshaiki Church and one at HoH


Through Rev. Okongo Samson, President of Unite 4 Africa, these young ones were blessed with a better class and learning environment. When the US short mission team visited led by Rev. Samson and Shyla, we witnessed the excitement of both parents and students at Oloshaiki Church for construction of this class. Please pray for this school, as it still needs more classes because the children already the required number per class.

Fig. 6 & 7 US team interact with Oloshaiki Church Nursery in their new class


Kenya was blessed to receive friends from the US, through Unite 4 Africa. The team led by Rev. Okongo visited villages and churches encouraging the believers. Their preaching and teaching the word was uplifting at a time like this when it is dry and hot. Many are moving in search of pasture for thirsty livestock.

Fig. 8, 9, 10 The US team interacting with local community


  • Please pray for the rains. Some parts of the country are experiencing famine are in need of relief support
  • Pray for pastors serving in remote areas
  • Pray for Oloshaiki school for additional classroom

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