Ethiopia Update – June 2019


Ethiopia Update – June 2019

1. Pastors’ wives training and empowerment continues even in this month

As I have shared with you in my previous report on May newsletter; my wife Addiskidan and Tsehay G/hiwot who is the wife of our regional coordinator Pastor Tadesse Alemayehu have taken the responsibility of running this Women ministry. Even in the past month they organized another meeting with more than 50 women.

They share with them the issue of the challenge of being pastors’ wives and how do they support the ministry of their husbands.

They also prayed one another and in the end of the meeting they provide the support of cloth for them and their children. It was a wonderful experience for all the pastors’ wives to gather together and encouraged one another. They wanted to do such kind of meeting at least twice in a year. We thank God for those wonderful women of God who are supporting our leaders regardless.

Women’s empowerment meeting

2. The progress of class room construction in Boffa

One of our strategies to reach out and transform our communities particularly our children is education. Education is key to impact the future generation. Currently we have seven school projects in various towns and villages and most of them are kindergartens and elementary schools. We do have one high school in the town called Wonjoshowa. More than 5,000 students are attending in all our schools. This is really amazing and very encouraging to see how our orphans and vulnerable children get educated and we are able to shape their future through education.

Our school in Boffa is one of our newly opened school in our region. More than 500 children are attending in this school from KG to grade 2. We started this school by building class rooms made with the local materials like wood and mud. Recently Rev. Okongo and his wife Shyla visited the school and saw the need of having additional class rooms and they donated to build two class rooms. With this donation we have started the construction of the class rooms and have reached the level which you see in the picture below.

The students are very excited to see the starting of their class rooms. As you see on the picture they are climbing on and jumping over it and rejoicing. We thank God for our leader, founder and president of Unite 4 Africa and his wife for the passion they have for the little children. I believe that God will reward them as they serving Him faithfully.

We are also so thankful to God because we have got another donation through the tireless work and effort of Rev. Okongo by communicating our partners and raising funds. With this donation we are planning to construct another three more class rooms in Welenchity and Boffa towns. By having those additional class rooms, we are increasing the number of students in our schools by 35% according to our pastor and the school director in Boffa.

BEFORE & New Classroom under construction now

3. Pastors’ empowerment training in Welecnhity

More than 40 leaders and local missionaries have attended our TOT and master trainers training. We also had a very good time of consultation regarding the current opportunities and challenges of our ministry. We also had prayer and intersession time for our ministry, country and all our partners.

According to the report from our pastors and local missionaries our work of Evangelism and church panting movement is like a wild fire and hundreds of churches have been planted in the past month only. We thank God for His favor, Grace and power that He has granted to advance His kingdom in our communities.

Training, consultation and prayer meeting in Welenchity

4. Prayer Requests

One of our core values as Unite 4 Africa team is prayer. We do everything in prayer with thanks giving according to the word of God. We are also grateful to God for all our partners who are standing alongside with in prayers. We would like to share with you some of our prayer requests that has already been answered so that you would give thanks to God with us and it will help us to trust Him more for the rest of our needs.

In this report here under I have included thanks giving with additional prayer request lists.

  • Thank God for our women ministry; it is getting stronger time to time.
  • Thank God for our Motorbikes and bicycles project; so far we are able provide six motorbikes and Ten bicycles for our leaders and missionaries.
  • Thank God for our Animal Project; in past few years we are able to provide thousands of goats, chickens and cows for our orphans and vulnerable children and this project has transformed thousands of people’s lives.
  • Thank God for the grant we have got for our additional class room construction project for the town called Boffa and Welenchity.
  • Pray for our school in Wonjishowa we need to construct additional two classrooms. We have got a letter from the government that we need to separate the high school which is grade 9 and 10 from other grades. In order to do that we have to construct additional two class rooms.

Samson Weldemariam/Pst/
Vice – president of U4A and Ethiopia Director

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