Ethiopia Update – August 2019


Ethiopia Update – August 2019

1. Additional class room construction project in Welenchity

We thank God for the opportunity that He has given us to build additional class rooms in our school Welenchity. We have got this grant from one of our partners through our Unite4Africa international office. The purpose of this project is to reach out to more children who do not have access for education by building additional class rooms.

The need of education is very huge and majority of children in the area do not go to school due to the deep poverty they are in and loss of their parents. Therefore, we as Unite4Africa are getting involved in this school project to make the future of those children bright and transform their lives through education. We have more than 550 students (the figure fluctuates) in our Welenchity school starting from nursery to grade 6. Many orphans and vulnerable children do have interest and even keep asking us if they would get chance to enroll in our school. But unfortunately we were not in a position to help them due to the limited class rooms and facilities we had so far.

So, in order to fill this gap we have come up with the plan of constructing additional two class rooms in our school compound. Currently we have completed the foundational work and we are hoping that it will be ready for use in September for our new school season. Thank you so much for your prayers and partnership.

Construction of additional class rooms in our school Welenchity.

2. Our church in Jimma town is actively involving supporting orphans in the community.

The town Jimma is located in the South West part of Ethiopia. The region is known by predominantly Muslim population. Our church in Jimma is doing great work in reaching out the community by planting churches and helping the communities based on their needs. We have 5 churches in the region and we do also have orphans equipping center to support orphans from the community.

As they are preparing for the new school season; the local church provides school uniform and and school supplies to the orphans. We thank God for the privilege that He has given us to serve those little children. We need more prayer for our orphans equipping center to become fully functioning.

Our local church in Jimma provided school uniform & school supplies to the orphans in the community.

3. Training and consultation with our local missionaries

One of our strategies to plant churches in our region is equipping and sending local indigenous missionaries to their own respective communities. This strategy is very effective and biblical too. Our local missionaries know the language and culture of their communities so that it will be easy for them to help the community to understand the message of the Gospel.

Our role as Unite4Africa is to train, equip and empower them so that they will have the right tools to advance the kingdom of God in our nation. Recently, we have organized a meeting for our local missionaries in the town Welenchity. More than hundred ministers gathered together for training and consultation.

The training focused on the topic of “the true meaning and function of Church”. We were sharing with them from the scripture that the type of church that Jesus intended to build. We also had a very good group discussion time; we discussed on the key challenges that we are facing as we serve our communities. I thank God that I have seen and observed the lives of our local missionaries and leaders are changing and also their spiritual maturity level has grown up from time to time.

Training & Consultation meeting in Welenchity.

4. Prayer Requests

We are always grateful to God to all our partners who are standing alongside with us in prayers and support. We will continue keeping you updated our work and prayer requests.

Here under are some lists of our prayer requests:

  • Thank God for the grant we have got for our additional class room construction project for the town called Boffa and Welenchity.
  • Thank God for the lives of our leaders; they have been growing spiritually.
  • Pray also for the up coming training and consultation events in various regions; May God would continue equipping and empowering them by His words. Also pray for me and my team that may God would provide the necessary budget to travel and conduct those training and consultation events.
  • Pray for our school in Wonjishowa we need to construct additional two classrooms. We have got a letter from the government that we need to separate the high school which is grade 9 and 10 from other grades. In order to do that we have to construct additional two class rooms.

Samson Weldemariam/Pst/
Vice – president of U4A and Ethiopia Director

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