2018 Year in Review

2018 Year in Review

Dear Partners,

As you know, Unite4Africa uses a wholistic approach to our work in every country and village we serve in Africa and beyond. What this means is that Unite4Africa unites, equips, and mobilizes individuals and organizations to transform their communities spiritually, socially, physically, and economically. We want to see grass root movements sweeping across Africa and the rest of the world, transforming communities, and bringing abundant life in Christ.

In doing this we train over 5K leaders/Pastors ever year, who in turn go out to other leaders in rural villages to train them in the same material. It is our goal to empower our brothers and sisters in Christ to make Godly decisions that positively impact themselves, their families and communities for generations.

We teach those communities to put a list of their priorities together that will create the sustainable programs, projects, or environments they want. We do this because we know that successful community transformation initiatives must be owned by the community. U4A trains before, during, and after their initiatives to help empower communities to transform themselves. This empowerment helps them see the freedom Christ offers for free as He forgives their sins and gifts them eternal life. Discipling the person to believe in Christ Jesus is what it’s all about.

And in doing so you have once again helped changed the lives of so many in Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya and throughout Unite4Africa’s African Partner Network! Through your sacrifices you have helped many come to know Jesus Christ personally. And believers across the world have been encouraged in their personal and community walk with Christ.

U4A’s Board, Country Directors, and Leaders are grateful for your ongoing partnership. Thank You!!!

Below is a quick glimpse of your faithfulness during 2018:

  • Lives transformed by Christ:
    • 7,836 people have given their life to the Lord in 2018
    • 4,267 people have been baptized in 2018
    • 149 small groups or house churches planted in 2018
  • Leadership Training: We trained 8,169 people in Leadership to help transform Africa for Christ.
  • Medical Outreach – Kenya: 7,792 Patients were treated at our U4A Clinic and House of Hope Medical Center.
  • Medical Outreach – Ethiopia: 4,541 Patients given care.
  • Water for Villages: 5 Water Catchment Tanks were built in five locations.
  • Orphan programs: 1,839 Orphans received animals, 310 orphans were adopted within their communities, and over 3,690 other orphans were assisted in some form.
  • Rehabilitation of teenage victims who are spiritually, psychologically, and socially damaged: 2,250 were reached and received care.
  • New Partners: 4 new partners joined with U4A to help engage in the work being done in Africa.
  • Short term mission trips in 2018: U4A had 7 wonderful life changing trips. A total of 64 partners participated.

With praise, we thank God for including all of us in His work in Africa and around the world! What each of us does serving God has ripple effects around the world. And as God uses each of us in 2018, we pray that we will all continue to be a blessing to the least, the lost, and the forgotten.

All of us at U4A will continue to work to fulfill our Vision: “To see grass roots movements sweeping across Africa, transforming communities, and bringing abundant life in Christ.” This through the successful application of our Mission: “To unite, equip, and mobilize individuals and organizations to transform their communities spiritually, socially, physically, and economically.” We can’t do this without you, please stand firm with us and invite others to join in this wonderful work and consider joining us on a mission/vision trip in 2019 and 2020. Your life will never be the same.


Founder & President,
Unite 4 Africa
Okongo Samson

Board Chairman,
Unite 4 Africa
Jim Weisert

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