Note from the Board: Ken Martin

Note from the Board: Ken Martin

Young birds are often pushed out of the family nest by their parents. While it seems to be a harsh move, it’s absolutely necessary to get the young ones to understand what they’re capable of and move on with their lives. During a serious storm on the sea of Galilee, Peter was encouraged by Jesus to step out of the boat and meet him on the water. Peter actually did! He stepped out of the “safety” of the boat onto the water and made his way to his friend. Only after he started walking on water did his fear of what was going on around him cause him to waiver and start to sink. With the Lord’s help he had actually walked on water!

We have to remember in life to keep our sails up so the Lord’s wind can move us. Sometimes we let our ships sit in waiting for something good to happen or something to happen at all. Without our sails up we will rarely go in a fruitful direction. Sometimes we need to be kicked out of our own nests, at home, in relationships, in our workplace, in our communities and churches; all along our life path! Often we are surprised by the results of that kick. We find ourselves blessed in many ways we never would’ve known otherwise.

Sometimes the kick comes in the form of encouragement, a friend or relative, or possibly someone we don’t even know. Sometimes the kick comes by way of being forced to do something that has been put off for a long, long time. Our lives are dotted with many “Sea of Galilee” experiences. How often do we look back and wish we’d stepped out of the boat toward Jesus? How often do we look back and wish we had put on our armor and stepped up to the battle?

We have leaders in Africa who put on their armor and step into battle daily. Many in Africa get a firsthand look at living life with their sails up when the Unite 4 Africa organization comes alongside them to empower and teach and share the goodness of the Lord!

For all who contribute to Unite 4 Africa, it is our privilege, our duty, and our great blessing to be part of the team for God’s work. We are extremely grateful for each of you who commit to prayer, encouragement, and helping finance the organization with your hard earned money. Is God is calling you to step out of the boat and increase your commitment of prayer, encouragement, or financial help to Unite 4 Africa, or perhaps to contribute for the first time? However God is leading you, we pray he will give you the courage to walk towards him.

We strive to keep our sails up for the helping winds of our supporters and our Heavenly Father. As we step out in faith towards God and his guidance, and leap from the nest knowing God has more amazing things planned for His mission in Africa; we are so thankful you stand beside us.

Ken Martin
Board Treasurer
Unite 4 Africa

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