Unite 4 Africa Ministry Services

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  • Community Transformations
    U4A is addressing the need to bring healing, reconciliation, and unity as we see leaders and communities work together with understanding.
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  • AIDS/HIV Prevention
    U4A partners with various leadership to bring about a lasting solution and community transformation, to conquer the disease once and for all.
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  • Orphan Home Placement
    U4A is committed to seeing precious children redeemed from deplorable situations and provided with a home and family.
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  • Clean Water Projects
    U4A is working alongside the local people in various villages and regions across Africa to see safe, clean drinking water available for consumption.
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  • Medical Aid and Education
    U4A workers, partnering with local healthcare professionals, work for the health and betterment of their own people, focusing on good hygiene and prevention.
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  • Training Seminars and Workshops
    U4A offers training to leaders teaching positive, nondiscriminatory, culturally relevant approaches to health education, micro-enterprise business development, and more.
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African Mission Trip Opportunities

Come Join Us In Africa

We have several 2014 Mission Trips to Africa scheduled for your participation:

  • Feb - Kenya & Ethiopia
  • Mar - Ghana
  • Apr - Kenya & Ethiopia

We will only be taking 10 to 12 people per trip so please contact us at Info@unite4africa.com as early as possible so you can make sure to be included in the trip of your choice. The exact dates will be finalized as we hear from you.

World-Wide Transformation - Through Grass Roots Movements - One Community at a Time

A difficult way of Life...

Poverty, war, disease, corruption, illiteracy and desperation have become a way of life in much of the world, especially in Africa.

You can help Transform by...

Working through various initiatives, sharing God's word, training, equipping, and forming partnerships with those of similar and shared vision, Unite 4 Africa, Inc. invites you to join them in bringing:

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