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Clean Water Project

Throughout Africa, water is a precious resource that is either not available or tainted so that it is not safe for consumption. Where water is available, it is shared by the animals of the region, who then contaminate it with various diseases.

searching for waterIn many villages across the continent, the women and children walk for miles to gather water in heavy buckets in order to provide for their families, so that much of their day is spent in search of water. During the dry seasons, water supplies are inadequate or non-existent altogether, so that the people of these regions, along with their animals and crops, simply go thirsty.

We believe that God created water for the benefit and sustenance of all human life and that it grieves the heart of our Father to see His children struggling with no water to drink. Unite 4 Africa is working alongside the local people in various villages and regions across Africa to see that problem rectified, to see safe, clean drinking water available for consumption.

U4A is now accepting donations to complete water projects in the 5 villages in Kenya, 5 villages in Ghana and 4 Villages in Ethiopia and Sudan.

Opportunity to Purchase Water Drilling Equipment

Water tank

The cost of digging one hand pump water well that provides safe, clean drinking water to between 3,000-4,000 people costs approximately $13,800 USD. A Water Catchment Tank can be purchased for $5200.00.

The package cost to drill a Deep well with electric pump, pipes and tank is $46,000.00

U4A desires to purchase a drilling rig for use in Africa. We are appealing for donors to help in getting a drilling rig, which is a portable hydraulic mud-rotary drilling machine that can drill up to 300 feet and is truck mounted for ease of deployment.

Water Drilling Rig for Unite4africa

This water drilling unit will allow our vision of clean water to those that we minister to, to become a reality.

The Drilling rig costs $250,000.00 with all of the needed components.

Whatever you can give will help those in need to have water where they need it most -- at home.

Help us in our mission. Act now and join our cause.

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