Paul Nzomo


Paul Nzomo is married to Watiri Kilonzo and they have two children: Kwame Mburu Kilonzo and Leo Nzomo Kilonzo. Mr. Nzomo is the founder and President of Coronado Engineering and Development Inc, which is a Civil Engineering Firm based in Tucson, Arizona.

Mr. Nzomo holds a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona.

Mr. Nzomo grew up in a small village in Kangundo in Kenya and after finishing his High School education he moved to the United States to further his Education.

Mr. Nzomo grew up in a Christian family. He and his wife have been involve in development projects in Kenya. They have built a water system in his native village of Kanzokea which provides clean water piped to the villagers and has also piped the water to the town of Kangundo 2.5 miles from the water source. The water has and will continue to change the lives of all that benefit from it.

Mr. Nzomo’s goal is to provide clean water to other villages where there are needs around Kangundo and expand the idea to the rest of Kenya and Africa at large through Unite 4 Africa as we focus to a holistic approach to transform communities.