Moses Rianto


Rev Moses Rianto is married to Lydia. They have 4 sons. He is the Vice President and Outreach Director for U4A in Kenya Africa. He has a Diploma from Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development In Community Development Service. He has been an ordained Minister for many years serving across the continent of Africa.

Moses worked with Compassion International for 12 years in Mombasa serving Coastal Regions of Kenya.  His Responsibilities included: Church administrator for Changamwe Baptist Church.  In addition to being Lead Pastor at Zion Baptist Church, Moses is an integral part of church planting across Kenya and developing leadership within those bodies.

His affiliation with Unite 4 Africa includes Ministry Coordinator for Leadership Development and Empowerment in Maasai Land and the Costal region of Kenya and Director of Outreach in Kenya.

Through Moses’ great vision for holistic compassionate outreach, he has established key initiatives within U4A Kenya for community transformation. These initiatives empower communities to become independent and responsible for addressing the needs of their own people.

Moses leads the Missions programs of U4A across Kenya including; Church planting, Leadership Development, Orphan support, Education and financial support in Schools, Water projects, and Medical care to the villagers through Unite 4 Africa’s Mobile Medical clinic.

His skills as an outstanding speaker with various seminaries, regional and international conferences, churches, and schools, provide excellent facilitation of workshops for community leaders and U4A partner organizations.  These workshops are vital for transformation projects and leadership training for the communities in Africa.

Moses’ unique vision serves to equip leaders of different levels starting at the grass-root village, unite Africans to work together and encourage full community responsibility for African transformation one village at a time.