Okongo Samson



Okongo Samson is the Founder and the president of Unite 4 Africa.  He was born in Kenya, where he finished early educations. He went to Medical College in Nairobi and went for further studies at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland for Medical Research and Oncology. He then gained a BS in Human Resource Management. He later did his theology at Union Theological College, which lead him to join World Medical Mission. He become a US Citizen after and settled in Tucson, Arizona for the past 15 years where Unite 4 Africa Ministry Head Office is currently located. He is married to Shyla and they both have 7 children.

Okongo became a follower of Christ at the age of 14 and started proclaiming the Gospel as he share his story. He has travel to over 50 countries training ministries and helping to develop church leadership; particularly in Africa, Middle East and Asia. He leads movements in Africa involving them in community transformation projects through U4A. His Global Leadership empowerment has taken him to places speaking, consultations/coaching and training leaders and doing medical missionary work.

With his experience working in war torn places, United Nation, Africa Union and leaders from different countries have invited him to participate in peace reconciliation and negotiation in Middle East and Africa. He has used his calling to influence and show the love of Christ.

His ministry around the world has been a holistic approach with practical teachings and has resulted in community development and church planting movement. His passionate vision is to serve the least reached people and groups around the world through community transformation and empowerment. He has continued to focus on spiritual, social, physical and economical development during his missionary and Ministry work.