Jim Weisert


Jim Weisert spent the majority of his career in Sales and Marketing, having served as Product Line Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Director of Sales and Marketing, and Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Development in the Semiconductor Laser industry and Directed Energy Weapons industry. Jim worked for several corporations, including Opto Power, Spectra Physics, Lasertel, and Ionatron.

Jim’s passion for building God’s Kingdom has been growing since he gave his life to the Lord at age 28. Prior to that time Jim had turned away from the Lord for the better part of twenty years. The change occurred after having read a book by Ann Rand (a self-professed atheist), and then receiving a challenge from a fellow employee to read the four Gospels of the New Testament. The conflicting views quickly took Jim on a journey to seek out more and more information on who Jesus was, and if he was real. All the while, his faithful Christian wife, Beth, patiently continued loving him to Jesus until the day he joyfully gave his life to the Lord.

Jim retired from the corporate world a few years ago. Now instead of building Jim’s kingdom to create wealth for himself and his family, Jim is focusing on building God’s Kingdom and sharing the Good News with others. In 2008, Jim was chosen to be an elder at Pantano Christian Church in Tucson, AZ. He serves on multiple committees, three other non-profit Christian boards, as well as serving on the board of Unite 4 Africa.