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Medical Aid, Mobile Clinics & Education Programs

The least developed countries in the world suffer at the most basic of all levels. The people of these regions, particularly in the villages, are exposed to the harshest of conditions. There is inadequate, to no drinking water available, malnutrition leading to poor immunity, and poor hygiene habits leading to a number of different diseases.

Malaria health concerns

Poverty and a lack of education lead to very vulnerable people, prime for disastrous epidemics. We are seeing diseases like HIV/AIDS and malaria. Where there is no prevention education and medical aid available, such conditions will flourish.

Overcrowed hospitals and clinincs

Most rural villages have no access at all to any sort of modern health care, and where there is health care available, it could be a very difficult journey to make over a long distance.

The vision of U4A is to reach out to those most vulnerable to such circumstances, to those living in the rural villages of Northern Ghana, Kenya and Ethiopia, and eventually to the various other African nations where U4A is working.

Because we believe in empowerment and not dependency, this project provides mobile medical clinics and medical education camps to the most rural of villages.

Local people are seen and treated for various diseases, conditions, and check-ups. The local community is also trained through the "Community Health Empowerment Program" in basic prevention and treatment, so that community health care will continue on after the mobile team has left.

Through this healing ministry, hearts are opened and available to hear, see, and feel the healing power of God Himself.

Through this project, U4A workers, partnering with local healthcare professionals, empower communities to work for the health and betterment of their own people, focusing on good hygiene and prevention.

The program is carried on by those living directly within the community, those who best understand the culture and are able to communicate and implement methods of change, while still respecting the culture.

We are hoping to raise $38,300 for medical aid and mobile clinics in Northern Ghana, and $42,420 to reach the villages of Kenya. With those resources available, U4A can effectively run a "Community Health Empowerment Program (CHE)", with medical operation expenses and mobile medical units.

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