Leadership Training

Help Develop Grass Root Leaders and Plant Churches

Leadership Development Seminars/Workshops at Different Levels

Unite 4 Africa offers seminars and workshops to village leaders and church leaders of various backgrounds to teach them how to develop positive, nondiscriminatory, culturally relevant approaches to:

  • HIV/AIDS in their communities
  • Mobile clinics and health education
  • Micro-enterprise business development.


These training sessions will empower the people to address the issues of their own community, to begin to look creatively at the resources that God has provided them and put them to work, enabling to people to rise about poverty without giving handouts.

By implementing Community Health Empowerment Programs (CHE), strategies from LifeWind International, and community transformation projects, leaders are trained in biblically-based prevention methods and strategies that bring about transformation and empowerment.

Leaders are also trained to communicate the gospel and provide sound discipleship in the traditions of oral storytelling, based on methods provided by Scriptures in Use one of U4A Partners.

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