HIV/AIDS Prevention

HIV/AIDS Education & Prevention Programs

AIDS has killed at least 25 million people worldwide since 1981, and another 42 million are living with AIDS or HIV infection.
The pandemic is worst in Africa, where 19 million have died, 28 million are infected, and 13 million children have been orphaned.

"This is a threat to an entire generation; this is a threat to an entire civilization," said former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic challenges us to respond with the uncompromising truth and unconditional love of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is heartbreaking to see the devastation that this killer has left in its wake, with children being orphaned moment by moment, and entire villages being swept out of existence.

It is the desire of U4A to see African leadership rise up to address the underlying problem and behaviors bringing the disease, and not simply put a bandage on the situation by treating the symptoms of the disease. U4A partners with various leadership to bring about a lasting solution and community transformation, to conquer the disease once and for all.

The World’s developing countries are being hit the hardest by the effect of HIV/AIDS. Poverty, desperation, lack of education, lack of available jobs, and lack of accessible healthcare are all fueling the fires of this battle.

We seek to reduce the spread of HIV through education programs about the spread and progression of the disease, provide medical aid and support for people living with AIDS, and to provide physical, spiritual and emotional support to those affected and infected by the disease.

We work with the local leadership in order to do a thorough assessment of pressing issues within that area that might affect life decisions and behaviors and then work closely with the people to truly empower them to overcome their obstacles.

The goal of the program is to turn head knowledge into practical living skills that will promote health and success, through equipping and empowering the people to make wise life decisions to protect them from becoming the next victim.

We work with youth groups, women’s groups, men’s groups, churches, communities, and leadership in order to bring about the most change.

U4A have led HIV/AIDS seminars and formed partnerships with churches and other organizations in Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia and Sudan.

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